We are passionate about eCommerce. We have being developing ecommerce websites for over 10 years. Many of ours clients have approached us with a need for a robust eCommerce system which is easy to implement, easy to use, light on the server side. That is how the EdgeCommerce has come to life. It was created based on the needs of our clients. As an agile development company, we have been improving the system in the last few years.

There was always a lack of good options to run the online shop. Magento is great, but too complex, not user friendly, slow to develop, expensive to maintain. WordPress is also great, but it was not built to be an eCommerce platform. We love and develop in both platforms, hence we understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Edge Commerce came to fill in a gap between a robust and an easy to use system. We were inspired on both systems and brought you the Edge Commerce.