Make your Bike Shops into an Online Shop

Take your bike shop online, and gain independence

We will be bringing to Bike Shops in Australia the most advance website and ecommerce solution. Your bike shop will now be able to have an independent, fully integrated high quality ecommerce website.

Edge Commerce is more than an ecommerce. It is a full business management ERP/CRM solution developed in partnership with businesses. Edge Commerce is secure, stable, fast and ensuring the process is easy, simplifying all time consuming tasks in a business operation.


Our dashboard gives you a nice and quick overview of how your business is performing, including sales summary, new customers and more. From the Dashboard you can easily access all sections of the system, with fast short cut to start orders and your main kitchen reports.

Product Management

Comprehensive product and menu management. You can manage all your dishes and products, organise them into categories, create single, combo or pack items, allow different prices for specific customers, add images and text and much more.

Order Management

The order process was specifically tailored to fast moving catering businesses and kitchens with a variety of departments. All orders get stored in the database in an organised and simplified way. You can view, edit, process your orders directly in Flex Catering with a simple click of a button. You can allocate orders to specific production locations and much more.

Customer Management

Flex Catering goes beyond customer management. It has a built in CRM allowing you to view all customer orders, add notes, view dietary requirements, preferences and more. The customers are fully integrated to the orders and products, providing a seamless user ability.


The most advanced ecommerce solution available. Edge Commerce has advanced shopping cart and checkout solutions to allow your customers to shop online without any barriers.

SEO Tools

Complete and advanced SEO features to help your business rank higher on search engines. Customise your meta titles, descriptions, create re-directs, customise your URLs and more.

Comprehensive Reports

Complete suit of reports allowing you make critical decisions and understand your business performance at any time.


Integration rich. The Edge Commerce was created having in mind efficiency and reduction of redundant process in your every day. It integrates seamless with Xero, MYOB, Credit Card gateways, Paypal, Mailchimp and much more.

Complete Features

It’s made to be easy.