MYOB Integration Rules and Notes

1. The Customer reconciliation between the two systems is done by the Company Name. If the Company Name is empty the Customer Name in MYOB will be the First and Last Name.

Note: Once the customer is created in MYOB, the Company Name, First name, Last name and Customer reference id will not be updated on subsequent imports. Other details will update as per order (i.e: billing, shipping and other persons).

2. MYOB can’t have duplicated Customer. Customer MUST be unique. Hence if the Customer already exists in MYOB, it will be updated as per Edge Commerce.

3. On each import you will be prompted with a mapping screen that allows you to match your customers and products in Edge Commerce to your respective ones in MYOB. If no customer or product is mapped, a new one will be created in MYOB. 

4. After the import is initiated, Orders can take a few minutes to show in MYOB. We recommend importing in batches of up to 10 orders per import.

5.  Order Status Matching:

Edge Commerce                                 MYOB

  • Pending                    = Quote Sale
  • New, Approved       = Order Sale
  • Invoiced                   = Invoice Sale

MYOB has a status of open and closed based on payment:

  • Open  = Unpaid or Partially Paid
  • Close  = Paid

6. Payment Integration:

  • Payments are imported to MYOB with their respective orders.
  • Payments created by Edge Commerce are prefixed with reference id `PF` (i.e: PF394). If payment is adjusted directly in MYOB, it will be overwritten by payments in Edge Commerce on subsequent import of the order.
  • If Edge Commerce is unable to update payments from order in MYOB, the order will get updated except for the payments details. Edge Commerce will show the message ‘Order details updated except for its payments’ so you can manually adjust the payments in MYOB.

7. Ticks next to each orders in the order list:

  • No tick: Order hasn’t been imported.
  • Green tick: Successfully imported into MYOB.
  • Yellow tick: It was successfully imported but has been edited since. It can be re-imported.
  • Red tick: failed to import. It can be re-imported.

Note: If order is imported to MYOB, it will not allow to import this same order again (Green Tick in Edge Commerce order list).

8. Delivery fee (and extra delivery fee) passes to MYOB as line item in order.

9. Discount passes to MYOB as line item in order.

10. Imported Voided Orders in MYOB: If an order is voided in MYOB and re-imported from Edge Commerce, the integration will add the order to MYOB and include -1 to the order number.

For example:  Edge Commerce order number 2555. If this order number has been voided in MYOB, and it is manually re-imported from Edge Commerce, it will create a new order in MYOB with the number 2555-1. Voided orders in MYOB can’t be edited nor updated.

11. Same as item 10 above applies to Customers.