1. How do I disconnect from QuickBooks?

In Edge Commerce, Go to System > Integrations, Accounting tab and click Disconnect.

2. What doesn’t Edge Commerce integration do?

The integration between Edge Commerce and QuickBooks allows you to send your orders in Edge Commerce to QuickBooks. It also send the respective customers, products and payment.

3. How do payment processing fees appear in QuickBooks?

Edge Commerce doesn’t pass payment processing fees to QuickBooks. In addition, we don’t charge a payment processing fee. Your credit card merchant may charge you a merchant fee and normally provide a separate invoice for that. You will need to manually enter that fee in QuickBooks.

4. How do I reconcile sales data synced to QuickBooks?

There are two ways. 1) You can go to the Orders List in Edge Commerce and by ticking on the green tick next to each order it will take you straight to the respective order/Invoice in QuickBooks. 2) You can issue reports in Edge Commerce which displays all orders imported  to QuickBooks and totals. You can then check the data is correct between both systems.