Edge Commerce + eWay

Edge Commerce + eWay, a complete solution for taking payments online

Edge Commerce is a web-based B2B ecommerce platform. It is all-in-one solution for B2B businesses. It seamless integrate with eWay for secure credit card payments online.

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Edge Commerce is integrated to eWay. Get payments online with eWay.

Orders in Edge Commerce can be paid via the online ordering module or the catering software.

Invoice status is cleverly marked as paid in Edge Commerce.

Edge Commerce Software

Edge Commerce is the best place to manage your B2B business.

  • Complete Ordering and Events Management features
  • Advance calendar to visualise order deliveries and events
  • Create amazing product offering
  • Complete dispatch reports and tools
  • Natively branded website with online ordering capabilities

About Edge Commerce

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How it Works

Clients can enter their credit card details while shopping at the Edge Commerce platform. eWay will process the payment and send the appropriate confirmation receipts. Edge Commerce will mark the order as paid automatically.

  • Instantly enable eWay payments
  • Start accepting payments the day you turn on your store

What is eWay?

Accept online payments with eWAY

Take the pain out of payments. eWAY is your easy to use, frictionless, payment gateway.

  • Log in anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrated with Edge Commerce.
  • Secure, reliable, fraud prevention.
  • eWAY processes payments for over 26,000 businesses.

"Edge Commerce + eWay Together is the perfect online ordering solution"

"These two applications work together perfectly. I can't imagine running my business without them. "

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